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    Arrested Development, "Colony Collapse" (S4xE7)

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    I just want to thank pasta for being a part of my life

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  5. "

    "Thanks," he said quietly, "for always being there. For putting up with all of this," he motioned, "for putting up with me."

    She was thoughtful for a while.

    "Maybe that’s what love is," she shrugged, slipping her hand in his. "Looking at someone and thinking, ‘what’s with this guy - he’s the biggest twerp in the world’. And rolling your eyes while knowing full well that after a long day his arms are still the perfect home.

    "And maybe that’s exactly it." She said, "knowing he’s a dork and loving him anyway. Maybe it’s as simple as saying ‘I know you’re not perfect but you’re mine, and I’d choose you today, tomorrow and everyday after that.

    "I hope," she nodded, "it’s as simple as that. Because I’d still choose you today, tomorrow and everyday after that."

    — Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #62 <Strong> (via blossomfully)

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    that awesome feeling when you know that despite not talking to a friend everyday or even after a very long time that you’re both still cool


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    just precisely how bad was 1500s jerusalem at making maps, you ask? well,


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    So it’s my little sisters birthday

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  10. "I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be."
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